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Juan Carlos Arredondo
Juan Carlos Arredondo
Meet The Artist July 30, 2017
Time is TBD
K Gallery ,
K Gallery Louisville , KY

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Juan Carlos Arredondo

Juan Carlos Arredondo is a Mexican - American mixed media artist whose artwork can range from large scale painting to minute illustrations to new media works. In his work he explores mythology and deities in cultures and visually details their purpose and the stories that are carried with them. As well as the eventual mixture of stories that happens over time, stories becoming intertwined with one another and trading or sharing characters. The emphasis of the artwork is to tell a story in similar fashion to that of ancient artworks and hieroglyphics, through a purely visual approach. A teaching tool of sorts that has been lost and overlooked by most forms of modern artwork. A tool for inspiration and change. The artwork in itself takes influences from Middle American, South American and Egyptian hieroglyphics and adds elements of more modern imagery such as Art Nouveau, Surrealism, and references from Los Tres Grandes Mexican muralists from the 1920's, creating a mixed breed of artwork to further illustrate the blending of culture.

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